About Me

I'm Jess. Thirty something wife and mum to Joshua and Sophie. I take each day with copious amounts of tea, a dog walk and a handful of tantrums because lets face it, there's plenty of them when you've got kids! 

For me, being the best mum you can be doesn't mean you have to be perfect, but remembering you're always good at the important things. So have fun, make mess and enjoy it because before you know it, you can't play zombies anymore and pretend to eat brains!

I'm also part of the Channel Mum community, so please do make sure you come over and take a peak. If you need advice, tips or just want a laugh then we've certainly got you covered! You can find out more and see some of my videos over at http://www.channelmum.com/vloggers/2-2-children-and-a-dog

Jess x

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