Thursday, 3 November 2016

Keep Your Dog Happy With YuCALM

Modern life can be stressful for dogs and according to a recent report by the PDSA, 80% of dogs can show signs of anxiety or fearfulness. Some can experience behaviour problems like firework fears, other dogs, new situations or being left alone and owners are often at a loss as to how to help their furry friends. 

Now, our dog Milo has always been a fairly relaxed and chilled out little pooch but over the past year we've noticed he's become rather nervous and afraid over thunderstorms, heavy rain and car journeys. To see his whole demeanor change within an instant is just completely heart breaking and now with firework season in full swing, most nights are becoming a bit of a challenge too.

As dog owners we tend to get to know the usual signs of anxiety within our own dogs - such as lip licking, panting, quivering and restlessness, and so after trying out a couple of products which actually did little help for Milo, I was rather excited to receive a neat little comfort pack for him. A comfort pack which contained five elements that are vital for a dogs happiness.

The experts at Lintbells has launched YuCALM Dog. The new, natural supplement which offers an effective way to help reduce stress, allowing dogs to feel much happier and more playful. The clever combination of scientifically proven ingredients such as lemon balm, fish protein hydrolyslate and B vitamins make a tail-wagging difference. It's also the only 'triple action' natural calming supplement for dogs, with an innovative formula that gets to work in three ways, unlocking some rather clever chemicals called neurotransmitters which affect how your dog's brain works. Clever huh?

YuCALM Dog can be given short term to combat a specific trigger event - such as holiday travel, fireworks or for as long as it's needed by dogs with nervous or fearful temperaments, and it's now available from veterinary practices, pet shops and online retailers.

With bonfire night just around the corner I'm already trying to get organised so I can prepare not only for Milo, but myself too. Here are a few DO's and DON'Ts to prepare you and your dog for the firework season:
  • Do - keep your dog safe indoors.
  • Do - provide a safe hiding place, such as a tent or pet bed in a quiet place.
  • Do - close the curtains or blinds and if necessary drape over additional fabric to muffle noise and flashes of light.
  • Do - act calmly and normally, providing too much fuss can actually reinforce the idea that there is something to be afraid of.
  • Do - take you dog for a long walk during the day so they are more likely to rest or sleep in the evening.
  • Do - think about using a supplement or other aid to help your dog feel calm and relaxed.
  • Do - make sure the environment is safe if your dog starts to react in an uncharacteristic way.
  • Do - ask your vet or certified animal behaviourist for advice about longer term training.
  • Don't - keep the house in silence, a radio or TV can help mask the noise of fireworks.
  • Don't - leave your dog alone at night if at all possible.

Sparks certainly won't fly in our house this bonfire night. Well, I hope not...

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